Live Edge Furniture Store in Mumbai

Pitara Furniture’s Live edge furniture store in Mumbai #woodfurniture has the unique natural look of live edge which is one of the trendier styles for those seeking one-of-a-kind #rusticfurniture.
Live edge furniture or natural edge is a style of furniture where the furniture designer or craftsperson incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. Ideally salvaged wood that could not be used in conventional woodworking is used . There are special challenges involved in working with this type of wood, and several methods for live edge have developed. Some leave the natural holes and cracks in the wood while other artists fill them with resins.
(source Wikipedia)

History of live edge Furniture:

Live edge furniture is believed to have originated around the 1600s in America, when the settlers required functional furniture quickly, so opted for basic pieces made from unfinished wood.

Availability of live edge furniture store in Mumbai #woodfurnitureinmumbai

There is  a wide variety of live edge wooden furniture stores in the Mumbai.
The tricks used by lumber stores is that they apply a coat or mixes of colours/tints to imitate a distinct wood colour and can easily trick the customers. Hence picking wooden furniture from reputed lumber stores would definitely help.

Types of wood available in Mumbai are – Walnut, Suar wood,White cedar, White oak etc.
The expensive international varieties are also available with select stores.

Tips to pick the right quality of live edge furniture

  • Asking for a Check on the moisture content of the wood we choose to buy would definitely help. Its ideal to pick a piece below 16% of moisture.
  • Choose the shape of our liking. Grains maybe vibrant and bold or subtle and sober.
  • Unfinished slabs of live edge are cheaper. The grains may not be visible in such slabs to Check but these can be seen or enhanced by wiping the surface with water.
  • Remove the bark and carefully not chip the shape or sides.

Pros and Cons of buying a live edge wooden furniture

Pros: This live edge wooden furniture gives the kind of rustic look that is a scene stealer and grabs quite a few eyeballs. Its beauty is unmatched and it’s a style which never goes out of style. It can be matched with a modern theme, a rustic theme(naturally), a bohemian kind of look or even a Scandinavian look with a subtle type of wood.

Cons: Live edge wooden furniture is not for the kind of people who like every edge and every corner to be perfectly aligned and uniformly finished. The natural cracks need to be accepted and loved and cherished and trying to repair them is futile.

The burls or any other defect has to be accepted.
Moisture is checked before the wood is readied, but there are always chances of the cracks widening or newer lines appearing due to water shrinkage or realigning happening beneath.
The solution to some extent could be to Pick wood from a reliable place.
The above situations can still happen which can be repaired.

The pros far outweigh the cons.
The rough and wild look of live edge combined with the colourful hand painted drawers add magic as a study table while also being high on Utility.
Same can be used as a centre table with base in a vibrant #Bohemian look.
Live edge furniture can be combined with traditional fabric like the patchwork to add a dash of colour and amp up the look of the room… Maybe as a #bench or a #seater.

Maintenance of Live edge furniture

Pest Treatment:
wood being a natural product of nature attracts insects and pests.
The live edge wood is treated before any other process begins. (which can be confirmed again with the store owner). Lastly, this kind of wood is a treat to the eyes and the end product is definitely worth the efforts and pains taken.

Maintenance :

– A good coat of varnish protects the wood. A regular coat every 3 years depending on the usage would keep the wood nice and strong for a long time. The maintenance is similar to other wood products. Ideally use a coaster while keeping any hot mug or such items on it.
– Clean with scratch free cloth. Don’t leave items that stain on it and wipe the spillage immediately before it stains.

Above all, love your wood and treat it with care like a any other natural product.

Wooden Furniture Store In Mumbai

Wooden Furniture Store in Mumbai

Wooden Furniture Store In Mumbai:

Plan on buying #rusticfurniture #woodenfurniture or #Modernfurniture from a Wooden Furniture Store in Mumbai that is also eclectic? A small wooden furniture store in Mumbai by the lanes of Goregaon has all this and more.
Tucked away in the leafy residential area of Goregaon, a few minutes away from the noise and commotion of the furniture shops of M.G road is an unassuming row house turned into a decor studio, run by architect and design enthusiast Vidya Sundaresan, Pitara Furniture is one of the best wooden furniture store in Mumbai.
Having a design background has helped curate the #furniture and #decorproducts with an eye on modern look as well as #vintagelook and cater to the well-travelled clients looking for #globalfurniture trends or wooden furniture for their living space in Mumbai.
This place is a treasure trove for customers looking for unique #woodfurniture especially handcrafted and not mass-produced.
The furniture creations in display include vintagebench, #modern single seaters, #designerconsoleunits#TVunits and a variety of #diningset options.
Eclectic and vibrancy being the key of the wooden furniture store in Mumbai, one can also find a variety of #accentchairs specially designed with patchwork fabrics made from scratch using the best quality hand block fabric.

wooden furniture store in Mumbai
Online wooden furniture store in Mumbai


The #handblock print sofa and single seaters in #fusionlook can also be customised. The wooden furniture store has a varied designs to choose from adds to the glee of the customer. Quality is top notch and each furniture piece is picked and set with the customers opinion.

Live Edge Collection of Wooden Furniture

Our live edge collection of wooden furniture such as #studytables are a fusion of the hard and tough #liveedge wood combined with whimsical colourful base, all the while maintaining a high utility  #diningtables in Live Edge are a beauty to behold, and can also be customised at the wooden furniture store in Mumbai.

online furniture shop in Mumbai
online furniture store in Mumbai

Logwood Collection:

The #Logwood collection has #Barchairs made by turning the oval log base into a bar chair seat with vibrant backrest which add a #Bohemianlook to the Décor and also score high on comfort. The logwood sidetables are a beauty and a big hit with the customers looking to buy wooden furniture.

Shelf’s And More..

Always on the lookout to innovate, the seemingly simple #woodbookshelf is provided with #stainedwood door to the storage to raise it a few notches high in its looks combined with lots of storage for multiple usage.

best wooden furniture store in Mumbai
wooden furniture store in Mumbai


#MOSAIC art is the oldest form of art and using this in a modern way in furniture or #Interiors adds vibrancy and brings the Décor to life. Keeping this in mind, our wooden furniture “#moderncentretables has been created using ceramic tile mosaic patterns.
#Glassmosaic patterns are also used as features in dining tables to add a touch of drama to the product.

At Pitara Furniture- The wooden furniture store in Mumbai, customisation can be requested to blend with specific interior and decor look.

For all these and more, head straight to the location below and prepare to be amazed at the wonderful sight and collection right here in the heart of Mumbai.