At Pitara Furniture your search to buy single seater sofa chair online is completely taken care when it comes to living room furniture.  Single seater sofas are likely to be the best purchase in terms of both style and quality as it enhances the look of the living room completely. It is frequently a central piece of furniture in the living room that adds a unique look to the interior and always works better than having a traditional chair placed in the living hall. Our single seater sofa, as opposed to two or three seaters, leaves much more room in the room for other pieces of furniture such as a lounge chair, coffee table, and so on. Whether you prefer a contemporary, traditional, vintage, or a mix of styles, we have a wide range of single sofa seater designs to choose from. A single sofa can offer your living room, or a bedroom a new depth. It has a warm and inviting seating area with plush support at the back and sides. A set of two single sofa chairs with a classic coffee table can be a great addition to your home, or you can use trendy sofa chairs to liven up the corners of your living room. Since there will be no cording or gaps between cushions to cause discomfort, a single seat couch is ideal for seating. They are ideal for lying down and relaxing, and if there are other pieces of furniture in the room, they are the preferred choice because they do not obstruct the view or the light.


This classy accent seater is very stylish and quite high on comfort as well. It can be paired with our Side Tables or our Centra Table to create the perfect look for your living room. Also called the Royal Seater in Sanskrit, created with high-density foam, it provides a firm seat as well as comfort for long-term usage. It could serve as a wonderful add-on to the interiors of a Living room, to snuggle in on a movie date, or lounge around with a book. This can also be ideal for a corporate waiting lobby, the pop of colors adds the right touch of brightness.

Bharani – Patchwork Wing Chair

34,000.00 30,000.00
Spruce up your surroundings with Bharani, our Super Vibrant Seater. The comfort given by our Wing Chair is matchless, made with Solid Wood Frame and the best quality HD foam to give everlasting support. So, while u sink into them after a hard day at work or curl up with your favorite book in hand or cheer your team on your Game night, Fret not, we watch your back.

Clove Armchair

This squarish seater is highly comfortable and ideal to sink in with a book and a cuppa tea for evening gossip.


Also called the kings seat in Sanskrit, this Seater gives a majestic bold look. Created with Foam of High-density, provides a firm seat as well as comfort for long time usage.

Samawat – Patchwork Single Seater

34,000.00 28,500.00
This ethnic but classy arm chair is a colourful combination of the modern with an ethnic touch to it. The backrest and the sides in ethnic katha patchwork add a very vibrant feel to the room. Think comfort and nothing better than a traditional ethnic comforter(Godhri) with its vibrant colours. This seater explores patchwork and the different colour palette it creates. Colours, as we know have always been mood changers. The Patchwork godhri is an awful lot of colours in a nice way..its a bit of all ..Like a kid in a candy store,u want it all..and u never tire of it.

Samvatsara – Patchwork Arm Chair

34,000.00 32,000.00
The Kantha Fabric, we see today, have evolved out of a rich tradition adopted by the women of the east Indian states, of stitching the bright fabrics pieces together and giving them a running stitch called the kantha. These fabrics carry with them the emotions and the warmth of the yore, a priced procession we like to hold on to.. This ethnic but classy arm chair is a colourful combination of the modern with an ethnic touch to it. The backrest and the sides in ethnic Katha patchwork add a very vibrant feel to the room.

Sanchika Armchair

The Sanchika Armchair Seater completes the modern Retro look. This is apt for the no-frills decor of the living room or the study area or any other place. The bright backrest is an excellent add-on to the decor.


We understand the pains of a reader, balancing a cuppa tea and a snacking bowl on the lap, all the while not letting go of the attention on the book at hand. Here, we bring you the Saukhyasana, literally translated as a comfortable seater in Sanskrit, for the comfort of an avid reader. This Chair doubles up as a Lounge chair in your reading corner. The armrest on one side, modified to a wood plank, helps to hold that steaming cuppa chai or a snacking bowl, leaving you with uninterrupted attention on the pages of your book.

Varnin-Wing Chair

30,000.00 28,000.00
Spruce up your surroundings with our super vibrant seater, also called as Varnin ,which means colourful in Sanskrit. Just the right dash of colour, these armchairs cum wing chairs or accent chairs also score very high on comfort Made with the best quality foam and a sturdy frame that ensures an everlasting experience you will love to own