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Also called the Royal Seater in Sanskrit, Created with Medium Density Foam, it provides a Firm Seat as well as long lasting comfort. It could serve as a wonderful add-on to the interiors of a Living room, to snuggle in on a movie date, or lounge around with a book. This can also be ideal for a corporate waiting lobby, the pop of colors adding the right touch of brightness.


We understand the pains of a reader, balancing a cuppa tea and a snacking bowl on the lap, all the while not letting go of the attention on the book at hand. Here, we bring you the Saukhyasana, literally translated as a comfortable seater in Sanskrit, for the comfort of an avid reader. This Chair doubles up as a Lounge chair in your reading corner. The armrest on one side, modified to a wood plank, helps to hold that steaming cuppa chai or a snacking bowl, leaving you with uninterrupted attention on the pages of your book.