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Also called the Royal Seater in Sanskrit, Created with Medium Density Foam, it provides a Firm Seat as well as long lasting comfort. It could serve as a wonderful add-on to the interiors of a Living room, to snuggle in on a movie date, or lounge around with a book. This can also be ideal for a corporate waiting lobby, the pop of colors adding the right touch of brightness.


Also called the kings seat in Sanskrit, this Seater gives a majestic bold look. Created with Foam of High-density, provides a firm seat as well as comfort for long time usage.


We understand the pains of a reader, balancing a cuppa tea and a snacking bowl on the lap, all the while not letting go of the attention on the book at hand. Here, we bring you the Saukhyasana, literally translated as a comfortable seater in Sanskrit, for the comfort of an avid reader. This Chair doubles up as a Lounge chair in your reading corner. The armrest on one side, modified to a wood plank, helps to hold that steaming cuppa chai or a snacking bowl, leaving you with uninterrupted attention on the pages of your book.

Vedika – Ajrakh Accent Chair

This bright chair is ideal for teatime gup shups in the balcony or in the living room or foyer area. The eye catchy colours add vibrancy to the room and make them the cynosure of all eyes.   Contact Us To Customize In Similar Fabric Available In Different Colors