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Disha-Cane Bar Unit

This Handcrafted elegant Bar-Cabinet is a delight for the users and onlookers alike. Crafted in wood with a unique patterned door with cane work gives it a modern look. Racks for bottles inside and additional space in the form of shelf’s make this a unique Bar unit. For colour customisation, please contact us.

Ekada Wall Clock

Wall Clock in Distress Finish

Elton Dresser

Dress up your room in style. This standalone wooden Dresser is ideal for the Bedroom, the Foyer or the Entrance Lobby to brighten up the space. Handcrafted in Solid Wood, it's functional and beautiful. The hand-painted Drawers give additional space for the essentials and along with a vibrant feel to the room

Epoxy logwood Side Table

These natural log pieces, shape n grains maintained as they are, form attractive side tables. Ideal as a laptop table or just as a display table besides the sofa or handy as a serving table. With multiple usage, these tables are also attractive and blend beautifully with all decors. Available in a variety of shapes/sizes and thickness.

Gahan Centre table

22,000.00 18,000.00
This centre table is sleek, classy and vibrant, made of burma teak pieces finger joint, stained/polished in a hue of colours to give it a bright eclectic look, it fits perfect in the living, dining area or foyer area.

Giana – Mosaic Centre Table

Mosaic art is as old a tradition as art itself. We have used it here in a modern way to add vibrancy to decor. These modern coffee-Tables have been created using ceramic tile mosaic patterns with coloured grouting and a wood base. The combination of the colourful mosaic with the wood finished base gives a Bohemian look and can also be used in modern decor to give an eclectic feel to the space. A single open storage below for newspapers etc serves well in terms of utility.

Hector Centre Table

A picture of understated elegance, this classy Centre Table is a handcrafted marvel and has long utility. A spacious top with Additional Drawers is provided to tuck away the knick-knacks and avoid clutter around the room.

Inca-Chest Of Drawers

LESS IS MORE.. This simple and elegant Chest of drawer is high on utility with multiple drawers, This product is a must have addition to your decor.


Think comfort and nothing better than the traditional Godhri with its vibrant colours. This patchwork sofa/3 seater gives all the comfort of a modern sofa with the traditional touch of Indian fabric. Add this riot of colours to your living room and enjoy the vibrancy along with comfort. For 2 Seater Or Sofa Sets Contact Us For Customization 

Indu Setee Style Bench

23,760.00 22,000.00
Whats life without colours? This seater is ideal for seating near the entrance lobby or foyer or bedside or in the living room.The colourful tiles design on the front side add a lot of vibrancy and brightness to the room. This seater blends perfect with eclectic as also with modern settings

Ira TV Unit

30,000.00 26,000.00
Weave a magic with this Rustic Charm of tiles on painted wood and colours. This stylish TV unit in rustic finish gives an Ethnic feel and also fits well with the Bohemian Decor look or also with the Modern look. The tiles add the required splash of colour and the rustic painted body compliments it.


A console for all occasions! This multipurpose shelf fits easily into the Living Room as a T.V unit, in the Bedroom as a Dresser or a Bookcase, in the Foyer or into any kind of Decor, adding it’s charm to the space. This sideboard has Two Large Shelves and a Drawer provided inside the Shelf for Additional Storage.